• Biodegradable
• Phosphate-Free
• Moderate pH
• Soft Metal Safe
• Corrosion Inhibiting
• Employee Safe Manual
Parts Cleaner

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Manual Parts Cleaner NPH is a readily biodegradable, moderate pH,
water-based, low-foam detergent formulated for use in manual parts

washers and aqueous parts sinks. This biodegradable, phosphate-
free formulation makes wastewater disposal more acceptable. A

moderate pH level makes manual parts washing safe for employees.
This product is also non-caustic which protects your parts washer
and allows contact with soft metals. Manual Parts Cleaner NPH
removes grease, oil and grime, and can be used on most surfaces,
including steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper and plastics.
This detergent has a pleasant citrus odor due to the presence of a
penetrating citrus solvent. It contains corrosion inhibitors to provide
protection against flash rusting.


Mix Manual Parts Cleaner NPH with water to arrive at a diluted
cleaning solution, as follows:
Light Cleaning: 12 oz / gallon
Medium Cleaning: 18 oz / gallon
Heavy Cleaning: 24 oz / gallon


Product Size
Code Available Weight
27330-01 4×1 Gallon Case 40 lbs.
27330-05 5 Gallon Pail 50 lbs.
27330-55 55 Gallon Drum 500 lbs.