• Does Not Contain Hydrochloric/
Muriatic Acid
• Contains Corrosion Inhibitors
• Environmentally Friendly Ingredients
• Highly Dilutable
• Paint And Metal Safe
• High Foam

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Break Down is a safe, environmentally preferred, foaming cement
remover for heavy build-ups. Its primary ingredient, Glycolic Acid, is
derived from natural sources and is biodegradable. Break Down is
designed to remove heavy built up, hardened cement from ready mix
trucks, scaffolding, forms, tools and other areas where cement tends
to accumulate and harden. It is often used as a foamed-on overnight
soak, but can be used as a daily wash as well. It will not harm painted
surfaces and is non-corrosive.


Dilute Break Down up to 1:5 for everyday use. Depending on the
intended end use dilution rate, distributors will often make 6 drums
from this super concentrate before sale to the end user. Break Down
should be applied at the end of the day when the truck is idle and left
overnight to thoroughly soften the build-up. Spray or foam this product
on the areas where cement has hardened. Allow to remain on surfaces
for a minimum of 60 minutes. Do not allow the area to dry. Keep area
wet during the 60 minute period. If area starts to dry, reapply Break
Down to area to keep it wet. After about 60 minutes the cement should
start to soften. Allow this to sit overnight for removal the next morning.
In the morning, apply another application of Break Down and keep
this application wet for at least 30 minutes. The cement will turn to a
sand filled mushy consistency and can be washed off using a garden
hose with a spray nozzle installed or a high pressure washer. A high
pressure washer is preferred.


Product Size
Code Available Weight
25800-05 5 Gallon Pail 50 lbs.
25800-55 55 Gallon Drum 550 lbs.