• Water-Based
• Self-Neutralizing
• Fast-Acting
• For Porous, Non-Porous, Uncoated And Coated Surfaces

• Professional Graffiti Removal Kit
• 2 Component System

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Face Off 21 is designed to remove graffiti spray paint from porous, non-porous, coated,

and uncoated surfaces. Face Off 21 is a 2 component system that is water-based, self-
neutralizing and safe on most surfaces when used as directed. Face Off 21 soaks into

porous surfaces, releasing paint from surface and sub-surface layers of masonry to
remove the paint and its shadow. Face Off 21 can also be used on painted surfaces when
used as directed. To be used with a hot-water, high pressure sprayer. Works in cold, hot,
wet and dry conditions.


Add each component of Face Off 21 separately to a low-pressure, pump up sprayer,
or apply with a brush. Do not combine Component 1 and Component 2 prior to
application. Components are designed to work independently. Operators should always
test a small area first for suitability of treatment before proceeding to treat the surface.
For porous surfaces, spray or brush on Component 1 full strength, liberally saturating
the surface. Allow Component 1 to absorb but not dry. If Component 1 dries before
Component 2 is applied, reapply a thin coat of Component 1 before continuing. Then,
spray or brush on Component 2 full strength, liberally saturating the surface. Allow to
stand for 5-10 minutes. Follow with a hot water, high-pressure power washer with the

best suited nozzle for the subject surface. For tough jobs and persistent shadow, re-
apply Face Off 21a second or third time as needed. Large surface areas should be

treated in sections which allow Component 2 to be applied before Component 1 dries.
For painted surfaces, ensure operator performs a small test in an out of the way
area to ensure underlying painted surface is unharmed. Follow directions for
porous surfaces, only keep dwell time to a maximum of 5 minutes in order to
minimize chances of damage to underlying painted surface. Reapplication may be
necessary in shorter periods to ensure adequate removal without surface damage.
For lighter jobs, Component 1 may work without the addition of Component 2. A 5 minute
test of Component 1 alone vs. Component 1 + Component 2 will signal the appropriate
strategy for conservation of product.


2 Component Drum Kit
62021-02 2 x 1 gallon kit
62021-05 2 x 2.5 gallon kit