• Perfect For Two-Step Application
• Safe On Polished Aluminum
• Highly Concentrated

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This product is designed to produce 4 equivalent size containers of
Aluma Dog cleaner in a’ two step’ cleaning system. It is not designed
to be used or sold without prior dilution. Aluma Dog is the low pH
first step cleaner in the Polished Series “two-step” system that has
been proven to deep clean over-the-road tractors and trailers to a
magnificent brilliance. It has been field tested for many years. Aluma
Dog contains a blend of acids and grease cutters that clean and set
the magnetic attraction of the subject soil. Aluma Dog will brighten
aluminum without the use of hydrofluoric acid, and sets the stage for
the ultimate two-step cleaning method. Aluma Dog is safe on polished


Use a clean empty drum, fill with the required amount of soft water
(13.75 gallons Aluma Dog Conc + 41.25 gallons water will make 55
gallons). Add 13.75 gallons of Aluma Dog concentrate to the water.
Affix proper labels and warnings. One (1) drum makes four (4) drums.
Application rates with soft water conditions will be 25 parts water to
1 part chemical. Always apply acid from the bottom up. Detail clean
from the bottom up. Rinse from the top down. Do not use on anodized
aluminum. Do not use on delicate paint. Do not allow to dry on
surfaces. Always rinse thoroughly.


Product Size
Code Available Weight
16436-01 4×1 Gallon Case 40 lbs.
16436-05 5 Gallon Pail 50 lbs.
16436-55 55 Gallon Drum 455 lbs.