• Great For Bug Protein Removal
• Highly Concentrated
• Paint And Metal Safe

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Bug Thriller is a high quality, concentrated butyl-based cleaner and
degreaser. This product contains an organic solvent to help dissolve
bug protein as well as dirt, grease and oil. It is very effective in cold
or hot water, high pressure washing of RV’s, trucks and trailers. Bugs
melt away in the face of Bug Thriller.

This concentrate in most applications can be diluted prior to use. Best
dilutions 1 part cleaner to 1 part water when used as a pre-spray.
Bug Thriller may be used full strength depending on severity of bugs.
When used as vehicle wash through pressure washing equipment,
drop detergent feed line into the concentrated cleaner, set metering
valve to desired setting, and soak entire surface from bottom up.
Detail clean from bottom up and rinse from the top down. Do not allow
to dry on surfaces. Always rinse thoroughly.


Product Size
Code Available Weight
22444-05 5 Gallon Pail 50 lbs.
22444-55 55 Gallon Drum 500 lbs.