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Track Man is a foaming cleaning solution designed to be used with a soft
wash proportioning device. Track Man is a surfactant, odor mask and colored
guide for the soft washing process. It is designed to serve as a marker for
the application process as well as a tracker for dwell time to know when the
surface is ready to be rinsed.


Mix Track Man with sodium hypochlorite using a soft wash proportioning
device. Do not allow to mix with sodium hypochlorite before wash sequence
begins. During the cleaning process, the color will disappear in 30-180
seconds depending on the relative proportions of Track Man, sodium
hypochlorite, and water.
Suggested Dilutions:
Use full strength through a proportioning device set to desired marking
strength. Craftsmanship and conditions determine appropriate settings.
Specific Valves
• Pentair: Use full strength at .5 – 1.5 setting
• Georg Fischer: Use full strength at 40 setting
Note: Not designed to be used via downstream injection system. Use
with soft wash proportioning system for best results. Contact your sales
representative for information.


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