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Bd Butyl Degreasers

  • BD-3-C


    BD-3-C is a 3% butyl degreaser with Caustic. Formulated for economy it contains an organic solvent to help dissolve grease, oil, mold, mildew, soap scum, etc. It is very effective in cold or hot water, high pressure washing of painted metal surfaces. It...

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  • BD-5-C


    BD-5-C is a 5% butyl degreaser with Caustic contains 25% more solids than BD-3-C and is highly concentrated for heavy-duty applications. Formulated with the highest quality penetrants and surfactants it will clean dozers, cranes, draglines, lifts and...

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  • Big Dog

    Big Dog

    BIG DOG is a premium, high quality, concentrated butyl/degreaser that contains an organic solvent. It contains double the Butyl in BD-10-C and twice the Caustic of BD-5-C. Grease, oil, mold, mildew, and soap scum, cannot stand up to this powerhouse. It...

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  • BD-10-C


    BD-10-C is a 10% butyl degreaser and contains a very soft caustic formula that enhances it's effectiveness. It works well in cold or hot water, high pressure washing of mobile homes, RV's, trucks, trailers, buildings, etc. It is also an excellent...

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  • BD-6


    BD-6 is designed as a 6% butyl, non-caustic cold water degreaser. It is commonly used in house washing, awning cleaning, concrete floor scrubbing and many other applications. It will work exceptionally well as a pre-spray, through a pump-up sprayer,...

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