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Bleach Additives

  • BioBarrier


    BioBARRIER is a new approach to exterior cleaning. After days of contact with the surface, BioBARRIER eliminates stains and odors caused by the elements. After application and allowing surface to dry protection can last up to 36...

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  • Bleach/Sodium Hypochlorite Neutralizer Bleach/Sodium Hypochlorite Neutralizer

    Neutra Bleach

    NEUTRA BLEACH is utilized as a secondary roof rinse to neutralize corrosive bleach crystalsbefore reaching drip lines. Bleach Streak on glass results from poor rinsing of bleach solutions when they contact hot panes.NEUTRA BLEACH removes bleach streak...

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  • Roof Dancer

    Roof Dancer is a non-hazardous bleach-stable bleachadditive that is designed to (i) thicken bleach solution,thereby increasing cling, (ii) generate significant foam,and (iii) provide additional cleaning capability to thebleach solution. Roof Dancer has...

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  • Lemon-Add


    LEMON-ADD is a product that will mask the odor of bleach with a lemon freshness.  Lemon-Add increases the bleach’s effectiveness and a characteristic of the product is that it creates suds that help the product to maintain a longer dwell time. 

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  • Bleach Add

    Bleach Add

    BLEACH ADD’s Biodegradable, high foaming formula is built into an all in one high tech “bleach cloaking” process. BLEACH ADD has fantastic wetting properties that help create more foam that is longer lasting, thus bringing greater...

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